Natural beauty products without chemicals

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March 23, 2021

Natural beauty products without chemicals

Every day, women use cosmetics, nourishing creams or various beauty products. All the time from morning until evening Yes, it cannot avoid unwanted things. Mixed in those cosmetics

Hazardous chemicals in beauty products and what we can prevent

Damage from them

Every day British woman is bogged down by body wash, shampoo, lotion and deodorant. We use a lot of makeup and makeup to look good. But we expose ourselves to chemicals

We are always wary of food packages. But we are confident in soap, toothpaste or makeup.

Although some chemicals have recently been banned in makeup and

Cosmetics Usually some products still use chemicals that cause health problems. We should avoid the following list of certain substances where possible: –

Preservatives (Parabens).

The most commonly used chemicals of parabens in skin care cosmetics are Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and Butylparaben. Associated with carcinogenesis However, they have no proof that they actually cause cancer.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate / Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium Lauryl Sulphates are used worldwide in skin cleansing products and

Hair care products such as shower gels, bath products, and shampoos.

It also contains a strong detergent and is originated from coconut or palm oil. They can be iris and skin inflammation and will cause a person to lose hair and even lead to asthma.


Aluminum can be found in many popular deodorants and is widely associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Used to coat the skin

To prevent sweating This is the reason that if we use it for a long time, it may increase the risk of breast cancer. Imagine if the toxins cannot be released with sweating, so Will stay on our skin longer.

We now realize that our skin is permeable and actually absorbs a lot of the stuff we use. We are still aware that chemicals seep into the bloodstream and eventually end up in the human body organs.

It will lead to the progress of the dermatologist, adhesive pads, medications.

Place it on the skin for absorption when the drug is released.

Blood flow

So how can it be avoided?

At this stage, you remember that the less chemicals we use, the less chemicals we use.

The less likely it will hurt us.

The basic ways to minimize the risk of cosmetic chemicals:

Read the label carefully. Now law makers make all recommendations.

Ingredients on the label

Be wary of natural products But not correct Regularly they

Contains some natural ingredients while they contain plenty.

Chemical ingredients So always read the label.

Choose a natural toothpaste. There are many toothpastes to choose from.

Toothpaste that uses natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, which is

Natural extracts

Like aromatherapy oil more than chemical fragrances They seem to be free


Again, instead of using a body wash and shower containing sodium lauryl.

Sulfates, please choose the ones that have palm extract, they are not

Affect and irritate our skin

Choose an aluminum-free deodorant. They will let the toxins go.


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