How to use skincare by age 20 30 40 50 skin treatment

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March 18, 2021
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How to use skincare by age 20 30 40 50 skin treatment

Women’s skin care varies with age. Because in each age range, the skin will have different problems. Let’s see how each age must take care of your skin.

Clear young skin during teenage is the most treasure we want to keep shining and glowing forever. So if you need nice skin, you need to begin from teenage.

Skin care by age in 20 years old.

– In 20 years old, the nature build this age to have full glowing and shining skin. However, there is a few

trouble which is pimple because there is sex hormone relevant. You should choose mild skin care such as mild cleanser that have anti pimple ingredient such as salicylic acid or Sulphur during this stage. Certainly, don’t forget to apply sun protect regularly.

Skin care by age in 30 years old.

– In 30 years old,

The skin of ages 30s is more moisturizer to the skin. To prevent dry skin from peeling and wrinkles The more wrinkles around the eyes. Therefore, don’t forget to protect the skin from the sun with sunscreen that helps reduce wrinkles. Use eye cream to protects against new wrinkles eye it is the stage to see the change of your skin such as some part is oil but some part is dry. It will make you confuse which type of skin care should you use. Dermatologist often advise to use the noncomedogenic skin care and choose cream or lotion with anti-oxidant such as the one which contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E or

Beta-Carotene to repair damaged skin from sunlight. Furthermore, the skin care with copper, green tea or collagen ingredient are the good choices as well.

Skin care by age in 40 years old.

– In 40 years old, it is important to enrich to slow down the deterioration of skin and need to look after

continually. Oil production will decrease at this stage so it will cause wrinkles and lines especially around lips and eyes. Before choosing skin care, you should consult with Dermatologist for the rst step to check your skin condition. This age may choose the skin care with alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) to remove dead skin. In addition, the skin care with Vitamin A which help reduce wrinkles is the good choice.

Skin care by age in 50 years old and over.

– In 50 years old and above, your skin will not elasticity and lack of water due to lack of collagen. Many

people have freckles, blemish or color-changing skin on some area. If there are many changes, you should meet Dermatologist to check your skin because the immunity and the strength of skin will decrease in this stage. Your skin have been touched with pollution for whole life so it may be the time to cause skin disease easily such as dermatitis, skin cancer or tinea, etc. The skin care you should use is with collagen and

according to Dermatologist suggestion. You will see that each age use different skin care. Who less than 30 years old don’t impatient to choose the skin care with extreme ingredients of anti-wrinkle because it is unnecessary. As if you take care of yourself in resting, exercising, good food, and know how to reduce stress and anger so your skin will be recovered and strong naturally.

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