22 Healthy Tips How to Sleep Tight

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22 Healthy Tips How to Sleep Tight

22 Healthy Tips How to Sleep Tight

Sleep tight is important in relation to losing weight, recovery, and prevention of injuries, lack of focus, and whole living and health.

By the research issued in The Lancet Medical Journal, habitual lack of sleep probably quickens or increases the attack and seriousness of illness from high-aged like high blood pressure, type two diabetes, fatness, and lack of memory.

Only 1 week of deprivation of sleep may change hormone level and the ability to metabolize carbohydrates.
The research scientist discovers that during sleep deprivation, the human’s blood sugar level use 40% longer to drop subsequent the higher carbohydrate food, draw a comparison between the control group or well-slept group.
The capacity to react and secrete to the insulin which assists control blood sugar has been reduced by 30 %.
Moreover, people who have deprived sleep will raise the nighttime concentration of a hormone cortisol level, (a steroid hormone active in carbohydrate and protein metabolism), and lower thyroid-stimulating hormone level. the increased cortisol level imitates level which is found in old people frequently. Perhaps it will and maybe concerned with age-related insulin resistance and lack of memory.
See that sleep tight is very good for our health.
According to the above, we have 22 methods to help you Sleep tight.

22 Tips How to Sleep tight below.

Good night, Sleep tight and Sweet dream
  1. Sleep early

    If possible, go to bed at around 22 o’clock. Since most physical – as most of the physical restoration in the body produces from 22 o’clock to 2 o’clock. Such as the gallbladder get rid of toxins by this time. If you are still wake up so your liver will be worked too much and it may release toxins into the bloodstream.
  2. Use warm water

    Set up a habitually, relieving sleep time patterns like sinking into a bathtub with hot water and relax with your easy-listening music or your favorite book. Some researchers advise that taking a bath in hot water before sleeping will comfort the shift into sleep deeply. However, it should be made soon enough that you will no longer be sweating or overheating.
  3. Environment.

    Establish the sleep-helping surroundings that are dark, silent, restful, chilled and no disturb. Create your sleep surroundings to set up the environment you need for your sleeping. Besides set your bedroom return of the value you set on sleep. If there are still left even the smallest bit of light in a room, it can interrupt the circadian rhythms and the pineal gland’s generation of serotonin and melatonin.
  4. Avoid work hard.

    Keep away from stimulating activity before going to bed such as doing the job, clearing bills, fighting in competing games, or solving any personal serious problem.
  5. Avoid lighting.

    Keep away from disclosure to bright light before going to bed as it gives a signal to nerve cells that aid to manage the sleeping or waking circle that it is time to wake up not to sleep.
  6. Do not turn on the light.
    when you need to go to the bathroom during the night. If you turn the light on, you will suddenly stop all production of the important sleep assist melatonin.
  7. Eat food before.
    Taking the high protein light meal many hours before bed works for many but not all because it relies on metabolic type. It can make the L tryptophan needed to create melatonin and serotonin. Too, take a tiny piece of fruit. It can assist the L tryptophan to pass the blood-brain obstacle.
  8. Avoid hard Digestible food.
    Don’t Keep away from foods that you might be sensitive to. It is especially real for dairy and wheat foods because they might cause-effect for sleep, for example causing aponia, too much congestion, gastrointestinal disturbance, and gas. More rice will increase blood sugar and restrict sleep. After that, if blood sugar falls too much which is called hypoglycemia, you may wake up and not be able to try to sleep again.
  9. Avoid exercise.
    Always exercise. It is good to ni sh the exercise for at least a few hours before going to bed. Usually, always exercise will make you fall asleep easier and help to deep sleep. Anyway, exercising irregularly or immediately before bedtime will cause it more difficult to fall asleep. Besides letting us more alarm and awaking, the temperature of the body increases when you exercise, and run time up to six hours to start to fall. A cooler temperature of the body is connected with sleep beginning.
  10. Use socks.
    Put on socks when going to bed. Since they have the worst circle, the feet always feel cold before other organs. The research found that it decreases night waking.
  11. Keep the clock away
    from eyesight. As you will be worried when you are looking at the time.
  12. Avoid laptop.
    Use the bedroom just for sleep and sex to support the union between bed and sleep. It is needed to keep away work matter, laptop, and TV from your sleeping condition.
  13. Use dimmer light.
    in the living room and bathroom before bedtime can be helping.
  14. Writing a diary.
    If you always go to bed with your mind running, it may be useful to keep a diary and write down your thinking before bed.
  15. Keep out of caffeine.
    such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc. near bedtime. It will make you alert because caffein is the stimulus that can create an alarming effect. Caffeine remains in the human body for approximately three to five hours but some people may remain up to twelve hours or more. Although you do not believe that caffeine affects you, it might disturb and alter the quality of your sleep.
  16. Keep away from nicotine.
    such as cigars, tobacco. When smokers go to bed, they feel physical disturbance caused by nicotine which troubles their sleep.
  17. Keep away from alcohol.
    near bedtime. Even if most people consider alcohol as the sleeping pill it disturbs your sleep, causing you to wake up at night. Alcohol will keep you from getting into a deeper level of sleep as well, which bodies do most of their curing.
  18. Alarm clock.
    Do not use an aloud alarm clock. It is too tense on the body to be awakened immediately. If you are usually taking enough sleep, so it is needless.
  19. Drink less.
    Do not drink any liquid two hours before bedtime. It will decrease the possibility of having to wake up and go to a bathroom or at least reduce the times.
  20. Buy bed comfortable.
    Sleep on the comfortable bed and cushion. Make sure your bed is comforting and has a comfortable cushion. Provide the room tempting and encouraging for sleep but also free of allergenic that may be an effect on you and stuffs that may make you slide or op if you need to wake up at night.
  21. Easy listening to music.
    Listen to easy listening or recreation music. Many people look for natural tones such as waterfall, winds, or white noise relieving for sleep.
  22. Plants.
    Herbal plants covering chamomile and valerian are treated as natural relieves tension.

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