21 Things makes you Good Health from nature.

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21 Things makes you Good Health from nature.

21 things makes you good health from nature.

Nutritionists say that food is the most wonderful medicine nad make your good health because it is a source of nutrients that are benecial to the body, not expensive food like abalone. Shark Fin Because studies have found that the food, we can nd in everyday life is very useful. Importantly, these foods also help detoxify organs in the body, such as the liver, intestines, kidneys, skin, prevent the capture of toxins, and help drive waste from the body. Food additives such as food coloring Preservatives, insecticides seasoning, etc.

“Good health from nature with herbs and fruits and vegetables”

Now let’s see what foods can help detoxify you. Food helps to remove toxins from the body and make the body strong.

1. Seaweed

, green plants in the sea that many overlook the benets.algae can capture radiation waste accumulated in the body. At present, we cannot avoid various radiation from radio waves. Phone Wave electromagnetic waves and microwave waves. This thermal energy can be harmful to the body, causing cancer, which the algae absorb and can catch with heavy metals. It is also packed with protein and minerals in large quantities.

2. Onions

It contains many anti-cancer agents and high antioxidants to help cleanse the blood, helping to reduce LDL cholesterol levels as it causes heart disease. It also helps to improve the respiratory system. Helps treat asthma Respiratory diseases Allergy and, more importantly, helps treat diabetes by helping to keep sugar levels steady.

3. Lemon

Lemon is good helps cleanse your liver. ANd High in vitamin C Fresh lemon juice, when mixed with warm water and then drinking early after waking up, will help detoxify and cleanse the blood. If you mix fresh lemon juice with yogurt and honey, it will also detoxify the intestines and prevent constipation.

4. Flax seeds

contain essential fatty acids such as omega-3, which are benecial for the brain, nourishing memory, and good for the heart because it reduces cholesterol levels. There are also other substances that help strengthen the body’s immune system.

5. Okra

roselle has properties that help clean up bacteria and viruses from the urinary system. This can cause infection, urinary incontinence or bleeding, or severe abdominal pain, which can kill those bacteria and viruses.

6. Pomegranate

, a traditional Asian medicine textbook, says that drinking pomegranate juice can cure in ammation and reduce pain since pomegranate contains aspirin, the same substance as aspirin in analgesics. It is recommended to eat rubies as it reduces pain. At the same time, it is also high in ber, which helps to better excrete waste from the body.

7. Legumes

(such as red beans, green beans, soy beans, and white beans) Studies have shown that people who regularly eat nuts have lower cholesterol levels than those who don’t eat and reduce their risk of heart disease with this legume consisting of high ber, which lowers cholesterol levels. It also helps to prevent bowel cancer and prostate cancer.

8. Celery

is considered the ultimate food to cleanse the blood and help lower blood pressure. For people with high blood pressure, it is better to eat celery regularly, or if it is good to drink fresh celery juice in the morning to help control blood pressure levels.

9. Carrots

have a lot of alpha and beta-carotene – which are part of vitamin A and are considered an excellent antioxidant that protects the body from environmental toxins. In particular, it helps the optic system, eyes, skin that need to be exposed to light on a regular basis, and research has shown that the substance in the carrot reduces cancer and strengthens the respiratory system and heart.

10. Eggplant

is a vegetable full of ber, which can help absorb fat in food, especially helping to capture saturated fats (harmful fats) and excretion by the excretion system, which also contains high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, thus eliminating waste from the digestive tract faster and reducing waste.

11. Grapefruit

is good fruit, so it is popular in western breakfast. Pectin, a type of ber in grapefruit. It can help to lower cholesterol levels in blood vessels. Before clotting and blocking the path in the blood vessels. In addition, pectin can help prevent these heavy metals from harming the body. Grapefruit helps ght cancer, especially cancer, especially food and pancreatic cancer. Antioxidants in grapefruit help protect against harmful toxins.

12. Garlic

from many studies of garlic can cleanse the body: eating garlic to kill bacteria, drive and kill pathogens in the digestive tract and kill viruses, especially cleaning the blood and intestinal system, making blood vessels more resilient and reducing blood pressure. It also resists cancer and improves the respiratory system.

13. Blueberries

are a fruit with a very high anti-oxidant and one of the best foods to treat diseases. The substance contained in blueberries can interfere with bacteria in the urinary tract. This results in a reduction in urinary tract infections.

14. Cauli

Ower is full of anti-cancer and antioxidants and helps the liver drive excessive hormones, which can be stress hormones that can negatively affect the body. The cruciferous plant includes cabbage, cauli ower, broccoli, and cauli ower. These vegetables cleanse the body and help eliminate environmental waste,such as cigarette smoke waste. It helps the liver produce enough enzymes to dispose of waste.

15. Beetroot

The red vegetable that is popularly used in this salad is considered a miracle vegetable, which is full of phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. Which makes Beeitr have anti-disease properties Clean the blood Liver and lymphatic system It also has the property of helping the body to get more oxygen. Therefore helping to get rid of the waste easily and faster Recent studies have found that B-gut helps to balance the acid-alkaline levels in the blood.

16. Avocados

may not be very well known. Nowadays, we can buy avocados from the general market. In avocados, glutathione is a substance. That can help lower cholesterol and prevent clogged blood vessels. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that older people who ate foods high in glutamine were healthier than those who didn’t eat it and had a heart rate of less than 30 percent.

17. The gourd

has the qualities Helps to produce bile which helps the intestines to remove toxins from the body better. In addition, the substance contained in the gourd can also help the liver break down body fat.

18. Apple

contains high pectin Pectin is a type of ber that helps to catch cholesterol and heavy metals in the body that mix up foods such as mercury, lead, which destroys brain cells. This is why we should eat apples to detoxify the body. It also has benefits to help ght cancer, kill bacteria and viruses. The experimental study also found that apples can drive food-contaminated chemicals that cause allergic reactions in children and can cause migraines in adults.

19. Almonds

are nuts with high ber content. Despite the fat, it is a good and essential fat for the body during the detoxi cation process, so it is important to eat almonds. Almonds also help regulate blood sugar levels, which, if blood sugar levels are high, develop hyperglycemia – make them more thirsty than usual. And if low blood sugar is called hypoglycemia, it can cause darkness, fainting, palpitations. It’s not strong.

20. Bananas

have nourishing properties and strengthening the stomach. At the same time, it provides essential minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, potassium, and helps regulate the level of bodily uids by helping to drive uids or toxins from the body by helping to better drive the body’s ames or excess toxins out of the body. Eating bananas regularly also helps prevent constipation. This makes the excretory system normal.

21. Riceberry

helps regulate sugar levels. Lower cholesterol High in ber, good intestinal scrub, high vitamin e. The beauty helps to create collagen, making the skin bounce and tighten, reducing wrinkles. It’s an

“anthocyanin”. “Antioxidants and blood-nourishing Prevention of anemia All of this is just a natural part of being healthy. Follow other foods Which makes good health from this

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