17 Secrets for Beautiful Skin Tips

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March 11, 2021

17 Secrets for Beautiful Skin Tips

beautiful skin tips

beautiful skin tips

Enrich to be younger-looking beautiful skin Tips

Would you know 17 tips secret make your skin beautiful?.

1. If you wish to have awless skin: before swimming in the sea, bathe baby oil throughout the body and slowly scrub by sand. Don’t forget to use cream or lotion with SPF 15 otherwise, your skin will be burnt.

2. Prevent sensitive skin from UV in sunlight by bathing almond oil on your body after taking a bath. Or use coconut oil can prevent sunlight and cold wind as well.

3. Moisturizer for sensitive skin should be without acid or perfume. You can notice on a product label that “Comedogenic” which means that the product will not cause the building up of comedowns.

4. Normal skin often scab and inch during winter. Suggest using moisturizing lotion which is designed for 24-hour skin moisturizing.

5. If you wish to have smooth, white, light skin, you can scrub with tamarind. It will make your skin whiten, soften, and not cracked or dried especially in winter.

6. Drink at least 1.5 liters of mineral water will make your skin and face shining.

7. Wash your face by cold mineral water every morning and evening will reduce rough on face. Coldwater also help skin face adjust the balance naturally.

8. Most women still don’t know that your face can be thirsty. So keep on spraying your face by mineral water to keep up your face moist all day.

9. Boil the honey to moderate temperature and daub throughout face and neck. This method will increase the moist and give your face skin food.

10. Take a bath by mix honey and milk-like Cleopatra. This will help your skin soft and younger-looking.

11. Grind almond with yogurt and daub your face around 18-20 minutes. Rinse with water and rub the face dry. Then rinse your face again so you will feel a soft, clear face. Maintain skin around the eyes.

12. Gently clean your eyes especially the women who love making up. Choose make-up remover lotion for specific such as eye shadow remover or mascara remover.

13. Consider what ingredients in eye cream before buying. For example: If it contains green tea which has antioxidant, it will help to restore your skin brighten. Or if it contains chamomile, it will help to release the skin from irritations.

14. For the women who wish to delay wrinkles, they should choose an eye cream with Vitamin A. It helps to create the elastic whereas Vitamin B will help to repair the skin. Vitamin help prevents skin from marks and wrinkles.

15. Before bedtime, treat your eyes by dabbing eye cream on the skin around the eyes. The cream will soak into the skin to delay marks and wrinkles.

16. Day eye cream should contain Vitamin for wrinkles decrease and sunblock. However, do not use a

face cream with eyes because some have very high intensity, perfume, and color which will irritate the eyes.

17. If you sleep in, cure the dark eye circles by slice potatoes and place on both eyelids for 10 minutes. Water and moistness from potatoes will seep into skin and reduce the dark circles.

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